It’s all too common to see an office turn into a disorganized storage unit of its own. How is one expected to work efficiently when their desk, filing cabinets, and even the surround floorspace is covered with unused supplies, old but important papers, and other miscellaneous items? If you’re facing this problem, fear not. These easy steps will show you how to use a rented unit for storage so your office will be decluttered for work.

Take Inventory

Before you can declutter your office, you have to take a step back and recognize what’s causing the clutter in the first place. Take an inventory of everything in your office, and organize things into three categories: items you need on a regular basis, items that can go into storage, and items that you can throw away.








Take Action

Now that you’ve been honest with yourself about what you’re using and what you’re not using, you can begin the purging project. Shred and recycle all of the papers that you no longer need to keep. Donate any supplies or electronics that might have made it to your “throw away” list. Stop by your local office supply store to pick up plastic bins where you can organize the papers and supplies that you want to keep, but don’t need regularly. As you pack away these items, be sure to label the storage boxes in the project and update your inventory list accordingly. This will help you find what you need later.

Rent a Storage Unit

With all of your smaller supplies and papers packed away neatly, it’s time to put them out of sight and into storage. If you’re planning to store important documents, a climate-controlled storage space will keep these items protected from damage. Other larger, less fragile items like office furniture can safely go into a non-climate-controlled unit. Move your items into your new storage space, and mark their location in the space on your inventory sheet.





Put the Office To Use

Now that your desk and floor are uncluttered, you can use smaller bins and trays to keep the things you need on hand nearby in an organized manner. Be sure that you keep your inventory sheet on hand too. That way you’ll know exactly where to look when you need to fetch something from your storage unit.