Should You Share Your Access Code With Your Spouse


Marriage and long-term partnership can lead to a real “what’s mine is yours” mentality. You want to show that you trust your spouse, so you may think about sharing passwords to accounts, or the access code for your storage unit. Unfortunately, this can complicate things down the line, so sharing your code isn’t always the best idea. Before you decide for sure whether you’ll give your spouse complete access to your storage unit, think about the following. You may find that it’s not necessary, or that it makes perfect sense given your circumstances. When you should If you’re using your storage unit for something that involves both you and your spouse, sharing your access code may be fine. This way, your partner will have easy access to the space, and can make the most of it when you’re not there. That flexibility can make both of your lives easier. For example, say you’re renting a storage unit to hold some of your furniture and possessions while you renovate your home. This is a project that affects both you and your spouse, and it will benefit both of you to have independent access to your things during this time. If you’re in a positive, trusting, long-term relationship, sharing your access code with your spouse may not always be necessary, but is probably fine. When you shouldn’t A lot of storage units will only let you put one name on the contract. That name is then held responsible for keeping up with payments and their end of the agreement. If that person is you, you don’t want to be left responsible for taking care of someone else’s stuff after a relationship has changed. If you foresee any possibility of your relationship turning disagreeable, it’s probably not the best idea to share your access code. Sometimes, even in great, solid relationships, there’s no good reason to share the access code to your storage unit, just because there’s no mutual benefit. If the unit is there to protect one of your ...

February 24th, 2021