Whether you have winter sporting gear to put away for the season, or just a whole family’s worth of heavy coats, you want to preserve your items carefully. These tips will help organize and protect your winter belongings on their way to storage.


All storage projects should begin with minimizing. As you prepare to store your winter gear and clothing, take the time to assess your belongings, and get rid of anything you haven’t worn or used in a season or two.

Storing Winter Clothes

When it comes to putting away winter clothes for the season, plastic storage bins and vacuum sealed storage bags are excellent tools. The latter helps to compress bulky items like heavy winter coats, but plastic bins can also provide space for coats and bulky sweaters. Organize your winter clothing and gear by category, using one box for boots and accessories and another for sweaters. Before storing your winter clothes, be sure they have all been cleaned so they are ready to go when the cold weather returns.

Storing Winter Sports Gear

If you’re fond of skiing, snowboarding, and other snowy sports, you’ll need a good way to store related equipment during warm months. For skis, pros suggest applying a layer of wax before storing to prevent rusting, then strapping them together where the skis meet and storing them outside of ski bag in a climate-controlled space. Waxing before storage is a good practice for a snowboard as well. Have the edges sharpened, apply wax, and store it standing up on the tail.

Where to Store Winter Gear

Most personal items are sensitive to their surroundings. You’ll want to avoid keeping your winter gear in direct sunlight or anywhere that will receive moisture or extreme temperatures. Attics and basements can be good, but the safest place is in a climate-controlled storage space, where your gear will remain dry and at a consistent temperature at all times.