We’ve written before about the many helpful uses of self-storage. One way that many people use it is to store boxes of documents off-site. It can clear up space in your home or office and leave you feeling more organized and less cluttered. But what about your personal documents? Here we’ll explore whether or not it’s a good idea to keep these documents in self-storage.

Self-storage is secure …

 In a well-maintained and high-quality storage facility like Cherokee Self Storage, you do have a lot of peace of mind regarding your storage unit. We take every possible precaution to protect your things, from having gated access with unique codes for each renter, to keeping surveillance cameras rolling 24/7.

As such, you can feel good about keeping most things in storage at Cherokee Self Storage — even documents. We often recommend storage as a great tool for organizing business or personal files away from your home or office. It can help clear up space, which is always nice.

But disasters still happen …

 Having second copies of the documents you keep in storage is always a good idea, whether those copies are digital or physical. Even though we do all we can to keep our facility safe from disaster and theft, these things still happen from time to time. This is important to consider when asking yourself whether you should keep your most important personal documents in storage. Anything that is irreplaceable, like a social security card or a birth certificate, is probably better to keep at home with you.

Bottom line: it’s up to you

Although it’s by no means illegal to keep your personal documents in self-storage, you might feel more in control of these things if they’re kept at home. We recommend buying a fire-proof safe for your tax records, passport, and other similar items.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose which storage option feels more secure. If you do decide that keeping these documents in a storage facility is safer than in your home, be sure to go with a climate-controlled unit that will protect them from extreme temperatures and humidity