It’s hard not to experience empty nest syndrome when your kids move away for the first time. After all, any type of change can be difficult, and when you’re left with a big, empty house it can be a challenging adjustment. After the shock wears off, you might find that downsizing can be a step towards a fresh start, a new chapter, and can help you organize your belongings and get rid of what you don’t need. Here are three things a storage unit can help with when you’re downsizing.


Repurposing a Bedroom

If your kids have gone off to college, they may not have space for a lot of their belongings. However, that doesn’t mean you ought to keep their bedroom together just as a storage space. Instead, rent a self storage unit away from home and use it to store items from their bedroom. This opens up the space so that you can repurpose the room to meet your needs, whether you turn it into a craft room, a music studio, a workout space, or whatever suits your fancy.


Moving Into a Smaller Home

 Some parents might consider moving into a smaller home once their kids have left for college. As long as you have a storage unit on hand, there’s no need to toss out all of your belongings in the process. A climate controlled storage unit can be a safe and handy place to keep Christmas decorations, seasonal recreational gear, old photographs, and anything else that was once tucked away in an attic or basement.



Storing Furniture for Later

Downsizing your belongings or your home will likely mean getting rid of furniture you no longer want or need. But if your kids are in college, there may come a time in the immediate future when they’re looking for a new couch or a kitchen table. Keep large pieces of quality furniture in your storage unit so that it’s available as a hand-me-down to your kids without taking up space in your home.