Well! Old man Winter is on his way here. Brrrrr…

The whole thought in Feng shui is to create space for your spirit and create balance and harmony in your home. To do that, the more clutter free it is the more welcoming and in balance your world becomes. So here are a few tips…

Here are some of the things people put away in Storage for the winter

  1. Bicycles
  2. Skate boards
  3. Flip flops
  4. Swim clothes
  5. Shorts and T Shirts
  6. Tennis rackets

This would be a great time to get good deals of self storage

Take a deep breath and look around your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. Are there things you have not used in 3 months. Then the chances are you will not miss them in the next few months either.

How about hibernating some clothes and shoes and then refreshing your wardrobe in the Spring. Rotate your clothes. You will keep them looking new longer.

If you you are going to store clothes and pictures, always look for a climate controlled self storage. At Cherokee Storage in Independence, KY. we are offering a special for the season where you can get a climate controlled 10 x 10 for $29.99 on the Mezz level.