Wedding planning is no easy task, and the long to-do lists plus the many materials you acquire for the big day can make it a stressful one. One trick that can make the whole process feel easier and more organized is using a storage space to stage the wedding planning and preparation. A storage space can be transformed into your wedding office, your craft room, and the space where you keep all of your rented furniture, your tablecloths, your dishes, and everything else together in once place.

Staging DIY Projects

If your wedding planning involves some DIY projects—as many crafty or budget-friendly weddings do—you can use a storage space as your project workshop. Set up a folding table, a chair, and a good light source. Plastic bins can hold all of your supplies as well as the finished products. Having your crafting station set up at a storage space allows you to work on your projects in steps without having the supplies clutter your home.

Storing Party Rentals

Renting a storage space will allow you to get ahead on some of the more daunting chores of day-of planning, like picking up your party rentals. Store tables, chairs, and other important pieces of the setting in the storage unit. This keeps your house and garage clear of clutter, so you can keep a more relaxing environment at home.

Practicing for the Day of the Wedding

With the extra space in your storage unit, you can try setting up your tables as you plan to have them for the reception or other portions of the wedding. This will help you work out any potential kinks and to perfect the arrangement. You can prepare even more by sorting your decorations, programs, and other items into bins labeled with post-it notes. Finish off your day-of planning by writing up a step-by-step list for set up that refers to the organized bins for easy coordination.