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How to Preserve a Wedding Dress in Storage

Your wedding dress is probably the most expensive clothing item that you own, and as a souvenir of your special day it’s worth far more than just its initial cost. Use these tips to properly preserve your wedding dress in storage and your gown will live “happily ever after” too.


Get an Expert Cleaning

Before you tuck your wedding gown safely away in storage, you’ll want to have it cleaned by an expert. A regular dry cleaning session won’t do here. Each gown has unique care instructions, so read the tag carefully and consu

lt someone with experience in wedding gowns.

Consider a Professional Preservation


If you take your gown to a professional preservationist, they will often do the cleaning for you as well. Preservationists can remove any stains or make minor repairs. Afterwards, they will store the gown in a specially designed box or a special garment bag. Another option is to purchase a DIY wedding gown preservation kit, but for the surest results professional preservation is probably the way to go.


Proper Storing Conditions


Gowns should be kept in cool, dark, and dry place. Humidity can cause damage, and sunlight can cause yellowing. Therefore, attics and basements are not recommended.

Long-Term Storage


Experts suggest taking out your wedding gown from storage every two or three years in order to let it breath and refold it. When you do so, be very careful in opening its storage bag or box. Wash your hands before handling, or even wear a pair of clean, white, cotton gloves to keep your dress pristine over the years to come.



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How to Organize for Spring

When the warn weather returns, there are always a few slight changes in our lifestyles. For one thing, we no longer need to spend ten minutes bundling up before we run errands. We can start exercising outside, and we might change the types of meals we’re cooking. This annual transition is always made easier with a little intentional home organization. These tips will help you organize for spring.

Swap Sweaters for Sun Dresses

After months of heavy layering, it always feels good to put away the sweaters for another warm season. What’s even more satisfying is getting sweaters, wool pants, heavy winter coats, and other cold-weather items out of the house all together. All items should be cleaned before storing, then kept in a space that’s 70 degrees or below, with low light and low humidity. Garment bags are great for coats, while sealed plastic bins will keep sweaters and shirts safe. With those things in storage, you’ll have plenty of room for your warm-weather clothing at home.


Adjust Your Home to the Flow of Spring

Now that your overcoats are in storage, your coat closet will have space for your light jackets. This is just one way in which you can adapt your home to go with the spring flow. Place an umbrella rack by the door to keep wet umbrellas off of the floor and there when you need them. Hang a three-tier fruit basket in the kitchen for quick access to fresh produce from the local farmer’s market. Purchase some colorful baskets and bins where your kids can store their outdoor toys when not in use. Solid home organization is all about anticipating what you will and won’t need in your day to day life and finding a place where it can be easily accessible and out of the way.

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Milford, OH Summer Sale!

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Spring has sprung!

Spring has finally sprung folks!  Along with Spring comes cleaning and preparing the family and home for summer.    Most people have their own list of chores that they use to do their Spring cleaning.  Listed in the link below are some tips and tricks that will come in handy while doing your deep, thorough clean.

~Happy Cleaning!

Click through for great cleaning tips


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Have a happy Easter!!!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Have a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Employee Appreciation Day

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

                                                       ~Helen Keller

To all of our staff at Cherokee Self Storage located in Independence, KY, Milford, OH, Eaton, OH, and Franklin, OH;

Your dedication and service is greatly appreciated!

Thank You,

Have a great day!

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Spring is just around the corner!

According to Punxsutawney Phil, We’re due for an early Spring! (Although, His predictions are only correct approximately 39% of the time, and it’s snowing as I write this.) Spring will be here before we know it.  And, with Spring comes cleaning and organizing.  Time to bring out the flip flops, shorts, and suntan lotion and put away the winter coats, coveralls, and snow boots!

What seems like an overwhelming task can be made easier if you sort through one room at a time or even one closet at a time.  Have children that are old enough? Let them go through their own closets and rooms….or bribe them; you just may have to bribe them with a new Spring/summer outfit :).  If you’ve not used clothes or even thought of wearing in a year…or two? …if it doesn’t fit, or is just out of style, LET IT GO!  If it’s in good condition and something you hate to end up in a landfill, have a yard sale, give to a friend, or donate it.

Whether it is winter coats, hats, boots, gloves, snow skis and gear, ice skates, snow sleds, hunting gear, or artificial Christmas trees and decorations; Cherokee Self Storage has just what you need to safely store all your cold weather necessities till Old’ man Winter rears his head again. To ward off moths eating holes in your stored clothing, wash or dry clean them. Before boxing them up, place in a re-sealable plastic bag.

We offer all the packing and storage supplies that you need to prepare your home and family for a fresh, clutter-free Spring and Summer!

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Put away those flip flops

Well! Old man Winter is on his way here. Brrrrr…

The whole thought in Feng shui is to create space for your spirit and create balance and harmony in your home. To do that, the more clutter free it is the more welcoming and in balance your world becomes. So here are a few tips…

Here are some of the things people put away in Storage for the winter

  1. Bicycles
  2. Skate boards
  3. Flip flops
  4. Swim clothes
  5. Shorts and T Shirts
  6. Tennis rackets

This would be a great time to get good deals of self storage

Take a deep breath and look around your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. Are there things you have not used in 3 months. Then the chances are you will not miss them in the next few months either.

How about hibernating some clothes and shoes and then refreshing your wardrobe in the Spring. Rotate your clothes. You will keep them looking new longer.

If you you are going to store clothes and pictures, always look for a climate controlled self storage. At Cherokee Storage in Independence, KY. we are offering a special for the season where you can get a climate controlled 10 x 10 for $29.99 on the Mezz level.

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Halloween – a time to clean

Sometimes Halloween comes to remind us of how creepy and cluttered our life has become. I use Halloween every year as a reminder to clean up and get ready to receive all those guests during thanks giving and Christmas and create space for all the new things, thinks and memories we need space for.

Halloween also tells us that we are going to set the clock back and that it is time to bring out all those heavy jackets and comforters that we so gladly put away last spring.
I use three bags and start with my closet…

I call them the green bag, red bag and blue bag
In the Green bag I place all those clothes and trinkets that I will use next year…summer shorts and T shirts and all those clothes that call out “sunshine”.

The Red bag is my gift bag… I place all those clothes that I want to give to someone who may not be as blessed as you or I and who would love those flip flops to wear at home or all those clothes you think you will not use.
The Blue bag is the my “maybe” bag…all those clothes that don’t fit but still carry a lot of memories. I cannot get myself to give my first marathon T Shirt away….ha ha!

Take the same bags to the kitchen, the shoes closet and to your study and do the same thing.
I sometime come back to the closet and will find more to go into these bags.

I usually do this after I am done. I take them to a self-Storage unit so that its out of my house and out of sight. Self-storage units typically have small units that will fit these bags and whatever else you want out of the house easily.

I will then wait for a month to see if I miss any of the things I put away in the red bag. By that time it is after Thanksgiving and I take the red bag to my favorite charity and feel good coming back to a clean uncluttered home every day and that someone is going to use all those things I could never use again.
So let’s get the holiday spirit started early !!!


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