Divorce isn’t easy on anyone. Dividing your assets and moving out of your old home are just two of many trying steps to the process. However, there are several ways in which having a storage unit can make this part of divorce more organized and less stressful.


Collecting Your Things


As you begin the process of divorce, you can immediately start distancing yourself from the experience by moving some of your things into a storage unit. Collect items that are unmistakably yours and bring them to a storage unit that’s close to your old home. It’s important to stay organized throughout this process, so keep a running list of the items you have moved into the storage unit. This will help protect your from being accused of hiding assets later on.


Deciding What You’re Keeping


Renting a storage unit during a divorce is not only good for collecting your things, but it can also be good for downsizing in the process. As you move things out of your old home, be decisive about what you want to take with you in the next chapter of life. As long as you and your ex spouse can agree on what stays and goes, you can sell unwanted items and split the money later on.


Preparing for Your Next Home


When you’re going through a divorce, you don’t want to rush into a new, major life decision, like buying a new house. Grant yourself a little time to figure out your next move by moving all of your furniture and belongings into the storage unit. You can revisit this space when you have time to go through the steps above, both sorting, organizing, and in some cases disposing of your belongings. Taking inventory of your belongings in a storage space can also let you decide what you may need to purchase on your own for your next house, condo, or apartment. When the time comes for you to move into your new home post divorce, your clothing, furniture, and other items will all be ready to move.