There’s nothing like a good camping trip to get one’s mind off of the daily grind. And there’s nothing like some quality camping gear to turn each trip into a comfortable and successful adventure. But what about in the offseason? Where do you store all of your tents, sleeping supplies, and cooking gear? With the best self-storage unit near me, you can tuck all of this away neatly to keep it out of your way in the winter and ready for action when it’s time for your next adventure.

Buy Sealed Storage Bins

It might seem easier to dump all of your camping items together in a big cardboard box, stick it in the storage bin, and call it a day. But you’ll thank yourself down the road if you instead purchase a few stackable storage bins with lids. Organize your camping things into bins by categories—like kitchen and backpack—and clearly label each bin. With this system, you can even bring the entire bin to a car camping trip as-is and you’ll know just where to find that trusty camp stove.

Dry Your Tent

Do yourself a favor and wipe down your tent before storing it for the season so it will be nice and clean when you go to use it again. As always, you should let your tent air dry all the way before putting it in its bag.

Keep Sleeping Bags Fresh

Before you stick your sleeping bags in storage, consider placing a dryer sheet or a cloth bag full of lavender flowers inside. This will leave your sleeping back smelling fresh when you pull it out again. Store your sleeping back in an airtight container along with other similar items like your tent and your sleeping mat.

Choose a Climate Controlled Unit

Be sure that when you are selecting a storage unit for camping gear that you opt for a climate controlled unit, like those at Cherokee Self Storage. These types of units will protect your gear from humidity, mildew, and pests.