Tips for Storing a Mattress

A comfortable mattress is so important for a good night’s sleep, but these assets are often not cheap to buy. So if you find yourself with an extra, quality mattress on hand with nowhere to put it, you’ll want to store it correctly so you can hang onto it for future use. Here are the best do’s and don’ts for storing a mattress in a self-storage unit.

Do Clean It

Before you put your mattress away in storage, make sure it’s clean. Use an upholstery cleaner and then vacuum each side.

Do Wrap It in Plastic

 Now that your mattress is clean, you’ll want to protect it from fresh dirt and debris by wrapping it tightly in plastic. You can purchase a mattress cover at most hardware stores. Be sure that the plastic is breathable rather than heavy and thick.

Do Use a Climate-Controlled Storage Space

 If you want to ensure that your mattress stays free from mold and bacteria (which, of course, you do) then you need to store your mattress in a climate-controlled space.

Don’t Lay the Mattress on Its Side

It’s fine to move a mattress on its side, but if it’s left like this for the long term, its coils could shift and affect its shape and comfort level. Instead, store the mattress flat.

Don’t Put Things On Top of the Mattress

Storing other objects on top of a mattress could result in similar problems as leaving it on its side, like damages to the coils. Instead, store the mattress flat and on top of other, stable items.

Do Sprinkle It With Baking Soda

When you’re ready to remove the mattress from your storage unit and put it to use once more, give it a good cleaning first. Sprinkle both sides with baking soda and vacuum it off to remove any odor. That’s all it should take to get your mattress ready to provide a good night’s sleep!