Do you have a perfectly good couch and nowhere to put it? This conundrum might be great motivation for renting out a self storage unit from Cherokee Self Storage. Once you have a unit, you’ll find that there are lots of ways to use storage to declutter your home and stay organized—starting with storing an extra couch.

Clean First

A good rule when storing any item is to clean it beforehand. This way your belongings will be in great shape and ready to use when you pull them out of storage. Vacuum the couch before washing it according to the directions on its tags.

Get the Right Storage Unit

If you’re storing a couch along with other items, you need to be sure you have a storage unit large enough to accommodate these things as they should be stored. A couch is best stored in its natural position, so that there can be no damage to its springs or structure. Find a climate controlled unit that is large enough to let your couch sit normally while providing space for your other things.

Cover Your Couch

A quick way to ruin a couch in storage is to cover it in plastic. Your couch should be covered, but not with plastic! This traps in moisture which leads to mold and mildew. Instead, cover your couch with sheets, drop cloths, or furniture blankets. This will protect it from dust and debris.

Store Off the Ground and Away from Walls

Try to avoid placing your couch directly onto the floor or the storage unit. Instead, first line your unit with plastic sheets or wooden pallets. This gives your couch extra protection. You should also try leave a little space between your couch and other items, including the walls, so that air will circulate around it, again preventing mold and mildew.