Storage spaces are tools for home and life improvements of many kinds. They allow you to keep only the necessary and relevant things around in your home at all times, so that your living space can feel free of clutter, while allowing you to hold onto things you’ll need at a later time. This quality makes storage units the perfect tool for seasonal organization. As winter settles in, use these tips to make the most of your storage unit from Cherokee Self Storage.

Keep a Checklist

One of the best tools to staying organized is a checklist. Whenever you pack something away into your self storage unit, write it down on a spreadsheet so that you can easily find its location when you need it.

Use Labels Categories

As you store things away for the season, be sure you are marking the boxes as well as making note of items on a spreadsheet. You can label boxes by season, by number, or by whatever system makes the most sense for your needs and your items.


When you go into your storage unit to retrieve your winter snow gear and Holiday decorations, don’t just stick your box of Halloween lights and pumpkin carving tools in the front of the unit. Instead, take a little extra time to push the spring boxes to the front, followed by the summer boxes, and then stick the autumn boxes in the back. This ensures that what you’ll need next is always easily accessible.

Consider Other Seasonal Uses

 Storage units can also serve as a place to stage current seasonal items. For instance, winter is a great time to save a corner of your unit for Holiday gifts that are waiting to be wrapped and handed out. In the summer, a storage unit could be used as a place to keep decorations and supplies for a barbeque or a party, while in the spring an accessible area could hold your gardening tools when not in use.