Your wedding dress is probably the most expensive clothing item that you own, and as a souvenir of your special day it’s worth far more than just its initial cost. Use these tips to properly preserve your wedding dress in storage and your gown will live “happily ever after” too.


Get an Expert Cleaning

Before you tuck your wedding gown safely away in storage, you’ll want to have it cleaned by an expert. A regular dry cleaning session won’t do here. Each gown has unique care instructions, so read the tag carefully and consu

lt someone with experience in wedding gowns.

Consider a Professional Preservation


If you take your gown to a professional preservationist, they will often do the cleaning for you as well. Preservationists can remove any stains or make minor repairs. Afterwards, they will store the gown in a specially designed box or a special garment bag. Another option is to purchase a DIY wedding gown preservation kit, but for the surest results professional preservation is probably the way to go.


Proper Storing Conditions


Gowns should be kept in cool, dark, and dry place. Humidity can cause damage, and sunlight can cause yellowing. Therefore, attics and basements are not recommended.

Long-Term Storage


Experts suggest taking out your wedding gown from storage every two or three years in order to let it breath and refold it. When you do so, be very careful in opening its storage bag or box. Wash your hands before handling, or even wear a pair of clean, white, cotton gloves to keep your dress pristine over the years to come.