It takes quite a lot of effort to plan a wedding day, but even after the perfect ceremony and reception has been executed there’s still work to do. Now that two people are beginning their lives together, there’s some organization to be done—with new gifts, used decorations, and duplicate items from each person’s life. Here’s how to simplify the daunting process of organizing post-wedding.

Ask for Help

First and foremost, don’t be afraid to ask a close friend or family member for help. This task can be a lot of work for just two people, and more hands will make it more fun, more relaxed, and less stressful.

Sort Items

Your first task is to sort your items based on what you want to keep and what you don’t want to keep. Items that you do not want should be set aside to either sell, donate, or regift. Items that you do want should be divided into two sub-categories—those that you want immediately available in your home and those that should be stored. For instance, if you’ve been giving two excellent coffee makers, you might want to hang onto both, but one of them can be placed into a storage unit for safe keeping.

Choose the Right Storage Unit

Pick a climate controlled storage unit, like those from Cherokee Self Storage, that will offer enough space for the items you want to store. Climate controlled units are designed to protect your items from the elements.

Keep Your Storage Organized

When you have collected all of the gifts, extras, and wedding decorations and accessories that you want to put in storage, it’s time to sort them yet again. Purchase some stackable, lidded bins and pack them with your items according to use. For instance, one bin can be decorations while one bin can be extra kitchen items. Label each bin, and consider creating a spreadsheet that will list the items in each labeled bin. This way, when your first coffee maker starts acting up a few years down the road, you can quickly locate your other one in your organized storage unit.